5 Great Summer Wine mixed packs – Now on offer

The festive season is almost upon us and there’s nothing nicer than being able to sit back with friends and family and share a little something special.

So for you this summer, Steve and Pete have plucked the eyes out of the line-up and put together a few great mixed packs of their favourite wines which will add a little interest and a lot of enjoyment to your summer drinking.  (Note all packs come with our members discount of 10% for dozens and 5% for 6 packs).


Heathcote Shiraz Award Winners 12 Pack:  only $250…more details

This is possibly the Highest Awarded Heathcote mixed Shiraz pack ever offered for average $20/bottle!!

4 wines for email


Festive 12 Pack:  - something special for every occasion – $269.10…..More details

Xmas 12 pack


Xmas White Wine 6 Pack:  $142.50…more details

 Xmas white pack


Xmas Red Wine 6 Pack:  $141.55….more details

Xmas Red pack



Festive Bubbles 6 pack:  $140.60…more details



Heathcote Wine Tasting

Savour award-winning wines and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Heathcote is drawing more and more attention as a wine region and creating excitement in the industry regarding the quality of wine it’s now producing.  So, you want to learn more about the Heathcote region and taste some great Heathcote wines? A great idea and we can already promise you now, that you will be in for a treat.  So the next question – what’s the best way to taste and explore the various wines and varieties of the region?   Chris & Heathcote Wine Hub Customers


Visiting the Region

Unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy our warm hospitality and take advantage of as few or as many Heathcote Wine Tastings as you can squeeze in a weekend or even a day trip. Keep in mind that there are over 70 wineries in the region to choose from, but only around 15 to 20 are open on any given weekend and about half that on a weekday.

If you want to get a truly good overview, you need to allot your time wisely to make the most of your Heathcote Wine Tasting experience.  After all, a Heathcote Wine tasting is supposed to be a relaxing affair to indulge and to enjoy.

During your planning, just keep in mind that most of your Heathcote Wine Tasting will take place in boutique wineries with limited opening hours, and that while some wineries have established cellar doors, most in the region don’t.  If you want to go straight to the source to see where your favourite bottle is made and meet the people who work so hard and with so much passion, then it pays to call ahead and make an appointment.

On the other hand, to taste a wide variety and to discover Heathcote’s true gems from all over the region, there’s no need to spend most of the day driving up and down the country-side.

If you are wanting a guided tasting tour of the region under the one roof, independent expert advice on the wines or wineries, or a place to compare and buy mixed wines and varieties of the region all in one place, then the Heathcote Wine Hub is the perfect place for you.

Located in the centre of town, it’s not only the largest cellar door in Heathcote, but it also offers one of the most impressive Heathcote wine tastings – every day of the week.  There are 24 wines on taste every day and a range of about 200 wines from most of the producers throughout the region.  If you are looking for diversity and a way to see at one glance what the region has to offer, then here is the right place, with over 20 different varieties from the region.

Wine Tasting

Not only will you be able to taste great wines, but you’ll hear all about the winemakers and the individual styles of wine they produce. You will find out which vintages were good for which wines, be told about the different soil types in Heathcote and see – or better yet taste – the distinction between the north and south wines of the region. On a first name basis with pretty much all winemakers in the region, the people at the wine hub have the insight and behind the scenes knowledge to guide you through the best the region has to offer.

You can also sit back with a tasting platter or vignerons board made from some of the finest local produce, by the open fire or outside in the lovely rear courtyard.  Also a provedore and café, you can get heaps of local produce – cheeses, cured meats, olives, olive oils, chutneys, etc, and some of the best coffee in town.

So settle in, enjoy the historic character of the store and let yourself be pampered. We are looking forward to meet you!

WE WON!! Best Boutique Independent Wine Store in Australia!


Yes, the humble little Wine Hub from Heathcote has been voted the Best Independent Boutique Wine Store in Australia!  We give a HUGE thanks to all of our customers for their support of us at the Hub, and equal thanks to the local winemakers and producers who we work so closely with to be able to showcase the great wines of the region.

As always, we have over 24 great wines of the region on taste everyday and around 200 different Heathcote wines for sale in store, with new releases coming on board every week.